Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swiftlet Paradise Resort

Due to our first launch of the RM 188,000, bungalow house, we had fully sold the 12 unit in within weeks, Thanks for all the support given. We would like to now invite you to the last "Swiftlet Paradise Project " in sarawak for this year.

We are launching 10 more unit where as 5 been token, 3 building on the way up and 5 open for sale now at price of RM 268,000.00

The concept is the same but this one is bigger and facing the beach front. Chalet room will be fully furnished and a stunning resort that's awaits you. All in Balinese concept. We are please to inform you that the swiftlet bungalow that we are going to built 100% follow the rules and regulations of the relevant authority.

Below here are the place looks like......Enjoy