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Swiftlet Bungalow For Sale

Here are one of the Swiftlet house in one of the most desire place in our own country. Located at one of the most supreme agriculture land in Malaysia.We had build more than 3 swiftlet bungalow type at this area and within weeks..........Fruitfull results. Anyone who want to strike jackpot in this swiftlet farming must contact us. We are launching this side soon and 5 early birds get a free air ticket to view the side. For security reason, we will not disclose the location in here. Our mentor from Jakarta and Surabaya also confirm this is one of the best location in swiftlet farming. Can say almost one whole day swiftlet are seen almost thousand, looking for food. No need Duress or distress calling system or any special equipment to test. It is there..for you to catch. One of the bird house here which started in 2008 may, now have 276 bird nest inside.
Forget what you have read, heard, listen, seen or taught. Simply this area are making us thrill with desire day after day. We are selling the land of 1.1 ekar together with a 3 storey bungalow swiftlet house and a small chalet with 2 room, 1 living hall, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom fetching a price tag of RM 188,000.00 nett. We are going to built only 12 units in order not to over populate this area. Left only 9 to be grab based on first come first serve basis.
Fully concrete and our so called " Security guard " are staying there to watch over intruder, current break down and so on. First two years "free of charge", following years we will charge RM 100 per swiftlet house.
RM 188,000.00
· 1.1 ekar land
· 1 attached chalet
· 3 storey swiftlet bungalow ( concrete ) with equipment
· S&P all included
· Transfer Fee ( Free)
100 % Guarantee success or we will buy back after 3 years with the selling price + top out with RM 38,000 back to you. All this will be done in lawyer office
What is the success rate ? I don't think you want to know after you visit the side. We promise you this is the only location you have to invest. Only for 9 more owner. To visit the side must have to only serious buyer and to sign a viewing form of not to build or buy any land within 30 kilometer radius for 10 years. We had to be firm on this as we bought over 43 ekar of land just to plant Palm tree, sugarcane and fish pond around that area.
You might be thinking why dont we just build all for ourself right? The answer is simple, more bird house means we have more swiftlets and bird nest to harvest for ourselves. Same time the price for the land value will increase by 23% by then.
Call us or text your name to the no below for viewing :
014-9030 538 Mr Lee
012-4374 718 Ms Lynn


The Swiftlet bungalow that we are going to build is located at Sarawak, which is 86 km from Sarikei town and 160km from nearest airport. If you coming from West Malaysia we would advise you to get to Sibu airport instead of Kuching. Transport and accomodation will be arranged by us if you are planning to see the site. If you have confirmed to buy the property, we will rebate the air ticket and accommodation fee for you. Before you go to visit the property we will want you to sign a viewing form whether you buy or no buy the property after you have view the site, you are not allow to build any swiftlet farm or land within the 30km radius from the site for 10 years. We strongly want the place not to be over populated.


The said place are so good to invest as we ourselves had involve in building 3 swiftlet houses ourselves. For more than a decade we had been looking for a perfect place to build for our own and we finally found it. This area have everything a swiftlet needs, food , water and no hazard. We had found similar place that have lots of swiftlet ie. Kelantan, Trengganu,Setiawan but what is the land price? How many bird house? Most of this town have thousand swiftlet houses. So ask yourself do you still want to build there. For me i prefer to have place like this in Sarawak as not populated. Our latest swiftlet which are going to be ready next week Tuesday already had 16 birds staying inside. This is due to a major crackdown in Mukah, Sibu, Sarikei and Daro shoplots which bring the migration of swiftlets. Goverment only allow farm located far from residential area (as noise polution is the factor). The purpose said land must be agriculture. The land that we are building are agriculture purposes as well we are only using 1/6 size of the land (1.1 ekar). The land code allow one single building to be build in one said land title which must not exceed 1/3 of the land size. We have to sell the land 1.1 ekar due to land code order that in order to transfer to individual owner must at least that size.

We are planning to build only 12 units, 3 units sold (USA buyers) and another 2 coming to pay by Saturday. Work will start middle of May 2009 and we strongly believe we will finish the whole project by early of July 2009. Lisencing issue will be handle by us on applying the purpose of the said property as swiftlet farming. We fulfill all the requirement and we had check that there will be no development in the near future but farming. Maybe after visiting the site you will merely understand why i said that.


The bungalow size will be 24 x 60 feet long x 3 storey high ( 9 feet ). Material for the building are concrete and pilling work are also been done.

The equipment we provide are as follow:

· 3 ton of meranti woods
· all corner board special design (pic attached) ONLY AVAILABLE BY OUR COMPANY
· 3 amplifiers (1 year warranty)
· 18 external tweeters ( change every 6 month for two years)
· 160 internal tweeters with condenser (Guarantee 1 year)
· 2 ponds
· 60 artificial Nests
· 3 Humidifiers
· Waletking aroma (1 year)
· Hormone (1 year )
· camera or cctv instalation
· 2 years free maintenance and security, third year RM 100 charge

(we do not include utilities deposit ie. electric (sesco) and telekom streamyx)

Please note that humidifier will be change to mist sprinkle in the event the water level are low. There will be a well build on your farm for water purposes.

Security is not an issue as we fully guided your swiftlet house 24/7 and are going to breed a few dogs around that area.If you are in West Malaysia or other place in the world you can logged in and see your swiftlet house.


The chalet will be build beside to the swiftlet house for security reason. Chalet will include 2 bedrooms ( 10 x 12) , 1 living room( 12 x 15), 1 kitchen( 6 x 10 ) and 1 bathroom. The chalet are unfurnished, if you would like to furnished it out just add another RM 4,500.00. Beaches are nearby so it may it a perfect getaway for your family. This place are famous with prawn and fish. Almost everyday the local here eat prawn.


From the past result we had so far, an estimaton had been made for the said swiftlet house when it mature within 3- 5 years.

Calculation of your swiftlet house would be:

24 x 60 x 3 = 4320 sq feet - roving area 300 sq feet

Total nesting size = 4020 sq feet
110 nest = 1 kilogram
1 sq feet = 1 nest
4020 sq feet = 4020 nest
4020 nest = 40 kilogam

Take for example current price per kilogram of unprocessed bird nest since the economic down turn are RM 3,600 as to date from RM 4,500.00. Your 40 kilogram of nest should be able to fetch a soaring price RM 144,000.00 every two - three months.

If in the event your swiftlet farm failed to attract any swiftlet or any nest ( min 30 ) within 3 years, we will buy back from you of the original price of RM 188,000.00 + RM 38,000.00 ( Considering 36 months rental and utilities) = RM 226,000.00


The agreement will only be obtained when you are serious of buying the property. Here are some important clauses that we are able to highlight to you.

1. When you had purchased the property, you are only allow to extend any sizes you want after the third year.
2. Not to engage any consultant within the 3 years period or during the construction period.
3. Building will made ready within 3 months of the date of purchase or we will have penalty of 15 % from the purchase price.
4. We guarantee there will be nest within the 36 months period or we will buy back as been stated above. ( 30 nest)

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